Thursday, October 13, 2011

UR still Doin it wrong: Fix it again, JLO

Last week, I severely criticized FIAT for putting an ad on TV that commendably encouraged consumers to explore the car online but that did not give them any reason to do so.

Turns out, they were guilty with an explanation, your honor.  According to this post from Adweek’s blog, FIAT, or their agency, edited the spot from a JLO video.  All agency folks have had a similar experience: short deadline, client insistent on leveraging a specific brand asset, do the best you can.  All is forgiven.

Or would be.  The follow-up spot makes even less sense.  Click below to see it and to see why it doesn’t work, either.

OK, here’s the spot:

As Adweek noted, the commercial apes the wildly popular Eminem spot that Chrysler (now a part of FIAT, remember) aired during this year’s Superbowl.  In that, Eminem drove through the streets of his native Detroit while an inspirational version of “Lose Yourself” played in the background and an announcer asserted that roses grow only amongst thorns.

So we turn to Jenny from the block driving through the similarly hard-luck Bronx in a car that looks like a toy.

Remember, FIAT stopped selling cars in this country for 20 years ago because of legendarily bad reliability (FIAT was said to stand for “Fix it again, Tony”).  Combine that legacy with the Bronx’s reputation of chop shop capital of the world and...well, it ain’t pretty.

Once again, what does FIAT want prospective buyers to think and/or do after watching this commercial?  Head on up to Arthur Avenue for some fresh mozzarella?  Tool on over to the Stadium to talk smack about A-Rod at Stan the Man’s Baseball Land?  Dip our toes in the Sound at Orchard Beach?

According to many automotive reviews, the FIAT 500 has many charms.  These commercials, however, convey none of them.  It’s pointless to talk about how TV spots can drive purchases when they do nothing to stoke interest in the first place.

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