Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm bald, you idiots

Or, perhaps, a tale of two emails.

I found two emails in my gmail account (plannerben AT gmail dawt cawm, in case you don't have it) side by side this morning.  One came from LinkedIn, and offered me a very useful article on how small businesses can employ social marketing.

The other came from Klout, a supposed social media powerhouse.  And it was blitheringly, irredeemably and completely stupid.

As mentioned in the headline, my own headline begins behind the crown of my head.  Also, I'm 41 years old, as hip as Lawrence Welk and I look rather like a bag of nails.  In short, I represent what Axe customers fear, rather than wish, they will become.

The difference between LinkedIn and Klout?  How they use data.

LinkedIn knows from my profile that I work in marketing, so they send me a weekly email with marketing headlines.  Simple, elegant and dare I say, effective.

Klout, on the other hand, has access to all my Facebook and Twitter postings and, apparently, chooses to use none of this information.  Instead, it targeted me as, I might assume, the owner of both an X- and Y-chromosome.

To me, this idiocy represents an object lesson.  It really doesn't matter all that much how much data marketers have.  Rather, it matters more that they find the data that matter.  That I work in marketing matters.  That I happen to pee standing up really doesn't.

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