Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another example of Survey Marketing

A few days ago, we discussed how Cadence Watches used a survey to acquire prospects.  Looks like Hyundai USA got the memo, based on this site:


This simple configurator, I think, really works at appealing to the target audience.

As configurators go, Hyundai uses a simple one, allowing the visitor to configure only exterior paint, interior leather color and whether to add a single $4,000 option package with fancy stereo, sunroof, etc.  Most auto configurators have many more steps for stand-alone options and accessories, so this site represents a relatively simple approach.

But it does appeal to the auto shopper out there, or at least the auto nut (disclosure: me) who uses configurators to explore options.  After the simple three-step process, the form asks the user if he or she wants to receive updates.  

Moreover, Hyundai says it's using the site to gather information on consumer interest.  This claim may not hold water, but potentially, they could be trying to understand which colors have the most appeal (hey, can you go against the grain and offer green?).

Flashy?  No.  But it certainly keeps the target involved long enough--and significantly enough--to result in an email capture for future use.

Thanks to Autoblog for the heads up.

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