Sunday, August 28, 2011

UR Doin it Rite: Cadence Watches

Here’s another great example of a simple Translinear tactic that draws the consumer neatly from curious browser to prospect.

Understand that I like watches.  I mean, generations of skin cells on my left wrist have lived and died without ever feeling the warmth of the sun.  So I spend more than a little time reading about watches online.

Here, a company called Cadence has asked consumers to help choose the design for their next watch.  Several companies, including several watchmakers, have used this trick before.  Mountain Dew, purveyors of a soft drink that looks suspiciously like pee, held a contest to determine their next flavor.  Which looks like, well, see for yourself:

As I said, watchmakers have done this, too, asking for feedback from watch nuts and producing some of their ideas.  Crazy digital watchmaker Tokyoflash requested designs from anyone with a pencil and a sketchbook and produced this, um, gem, from a 15-year-old:

Cadence, however, did something at once engaging and simple.  Clicking on the voting link takes the user to a very simple page: vote on Design A or Design B.

Voting on either choice opens up a very simple form that thanks the user for his/her vote and asks the user to submit a name, email address and postal address to let him/her know when the watch will be ready to ship.  Simple, clear and, I think, effective.

I voted for black.

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